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Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players. The playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and players win by removing all of their pieces from the board.

-Play online via Internet
-Auto Install to external memory Android 2.2+
-Move pieces by tap or dragging
-Bluetooth mode
-Undo by Back button
-Full screen mode
-Support tablet device
-Support two players on same device
-Support playing vs AI
-Can drop checker to vertical line
-Enlarged capture area
-Drop off checkers by slide to side of table
-Turn on/off sound and hints in main menu by hardware menu




Rating: 3.9

Category: Board

Developer: AAStudio

Game Description


  1. Brad Miller

    Not accurately programmed It would be nice if your color was always at the bottom. Update on last comment: when you bump a player you can not move that piece again. That is not the way I learned backgammon. 3/5/16: Just updated and it still does not let you move a piece once you bump another piece.

  2. Jim Peaceful

    Please add an option to mute the sound. Also, make it possible to keep on moving a piece after chomping an opponent’s. The dice algorithm is rigged. The Ai always gets the roll it needs to bump off a recently exposed marker. Makes a nice game very frustrating because one feels cheated.

  3. Kisha Carter

    I like the board. I downloaded this because you can play the AI. But winning seems impossible at times because the house gets the best rolls. We can bump each other all day if that’s your thing. But that gets so boring.

  4. James Tomol

    This thing cheats I’m sorry but getting a 5 and 2 roll 4 times in a row it’s next to Impossible the opponent the computer opponent rolls exactly what he needs every time he needs it and you can never get what you need so the IE is a cheat.

  5. McClain Thomas

    Great potential I dig playing the AI but like one of the other reviews said, the AI is constantly rolling doubles. It really takes the “fair” out of the game.

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