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A hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game, Bowmasters has lots in store for you:

• 41 INSANE CHARACTERS from all dimensions absolutely for free!
• 41 DIFFERENT WEAPONS for total mayhem, awesome fatalities with rag-doll physics!
• EPIC DUELS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Grab your mates and show them what you’re worth!
• MULTIPLE GAME MODES. Shoоt birds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money for that!

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Rating: 4.6

Category: Action


Game Description


  1. Terrell Williams

    Awesome, fun, intuitive game. Character variety is awesome, very creative. And you can unlock characters very quickly, which I like. On the downside, there’s a lot of ads. When you win a match, you see an ad immediately after. Then you get to your winnings, and have to watch another ad to open the treasure chest. It sucks to have to watch an ad to open the box, because the box is the only way to get a lot of the characters. On top of that, earning gold is meaningless once you get all the characters that aren’t locked in the box. This is a great game with a couple of big flaws, but I could still enjoy it.

  2. Priscilla Esparza

    Very simple, objectives are straight to the point. Graphics have a child-friendly-adult-oriented feel to it like an interactive cartoony video game. More stuff like this should be made and throw some missions in there. Your character is automatically moving through some scenery and there are enemies you have to shoot. You know? Like this game. Easy, stress relieving, and great 🔧 to pass time. Good job guys @miniclip ! 😃

  3. Crypto Morin

    Perfect game everything is awesome, just little few things. You should not FORCE any player to watch ads. E.g when you come back from a fight it should not show you ads automatically. These ads can be used in places that worth 30 seconds watching an ad. Like the good thing you did was the ads to revive when you’re dead. Anyway you should be able to choose a name for your own in this game. Also it’ll be more fun if you add an option to choose your own projectile that you’re going to throw in game. You should also be able to upgrade your character to get more health! Also upgrade your projectiles to do more damage! More abilities for projectile in each upgrade. Waiting for your respond and next game update! Thanks for the awesome game.

  4. last scion

    Best game iv downloaded so far. My only problem with it is the character unlocks. I have over 50,000 coins now an cant do anything with them as I have got all the characters you can use coins to buy. The rest are pay real money or wait for a chest but it’s taking so long I’m slowly losing interest. Just needs an update to add to it now. More characters and more to spend the coins on.

  5. Brisa G

    I like the game its cool and the game controls and the game it self reminds me of an actual profesional game like it could go in a mass market. The only problem is that there are adds but you know you can get rid of them as usual by buying remove adds. Thats all i have to say over all the game is an good way to pass your time and just waiting for the online pvp to come:)

  6. FluffyUnicorn 555

    I love this but i had finished the hard tournament and after i exitrd to recieve my prize my phone died. Now i have to do it again. I have tried again and closed the app to get some water and went back to see that i hadn’t got anywhere in the tournament. Avoid this if you use this app for tournaments. Also the ads are fine for me but just enough. (Anymore and i will uninstall this.)

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