Checkers pro Hack

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1. Download Game Hack
2. Run program
3. Connect your smartphone and select it in the program
4. Click 'Install now'
That's it! The hack was installed successfully!


– seven levels of difficulty
– two players mode
– game assistant (Helper)
– five themes (dark, light, gold, art and black)
– realistic graphics
– support nine different rules of checkers
– sound effects
– some help about rules
– small size


– English Checkers also called American Checkers
– Russian Droughts
– International Checkers
– Spanish Checkers
– Brazilian Checkers
– Italian Checkers
– Thai Checkers also called Makhos
– Turkish Checkers
– Czech Checkers
– Pool Checkers

You can help me expand and do it better.
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Checkers pro

Rating: 4.7

Category: Board

Developer: Shweta Patlare

Game Description


  1. Er. Kritik Patlare

    Ultimate game.

  2. Hemant Patidar

    Good Checkers game loving it.

  3. Arnaldo N Loureiro Silva

    I like it…very much…yes I do…

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