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A well designed chess app with a lot of powerful features.

– Play as white or black, against the computer or a friend.
– 10 difficulty levels, from novice to grandmaster.
– Include more than 38000 chess puzzles, divided into 13 collections.
– Support online gameplay.
– Support LAN game via bluetooth/Wi-Fi.
– Computer hint and unlimited undo for beginners.
– Changeable chessboards and piece sets, 2D/3D piece styles.
– Load and save games to PGN files.
– Autosaving your current game.
– Setup position, intelligent validity check.
– Randomly go to any point in the current game.
– Provide thousands of classic chess games to download, such as grandmaster games, world championship games.
– Switch to play mode when in view mode, analyze the game, and then restore the view status.
– More functions: handicap, view move list, automatic move playback, etc.
– It is free!


Rating: 4.2

Category: Board


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  1. Anjesh Kafle

    This app is no less than five stars with one little feature included. Developers, please add the ability to set timers in a LAN multi player game. This will be the #1 platform for playing lagless bullet games. And please add the ability to premove. A bit of work on the multiplayer section, thats it. PLEASE.

  2. Jigyasa जिज्ञासा

    Best app. But no any way to find your friend easly in online. No any option to find friend by searching ID. बहुत ही अच्छा एप है। puzzles की भरमार है। कई कठिनाई स्तर हैं। बिना इंटरनेट के भी आप wifi hotspot के जरिये दोस्तों के साथ इसे खेल सकते हैं।

  3. Marlon Rodriguez

    I just want to play, not chat with a bunch of vulgar uneducated individuals. Please remove the talk feature. I gave it five stars because it’s a well working app but I don’t care to chat, especially if people are being vulgar. Please please please for the love of God, remove or add option to mute the chat. Thank you.

  4. Hol U19

    Major bug While playing 2 to 5 min game,it unnecessarily snatches time from a guest player and so there is no uniformity in time .My suggestion is kindly fix this issue,else don’t make a joke of this app by providing short time. Highly disappointed!!

  5. Donnie Houston

    Great app Thank you for whatever it is that you have done. I can see the change in the lag and I can see that their attempts at manipulating the game is failing. As I said here’s five stars and Im encouraging everyone to give the app a try because it is very much worth it. Thank you again.

  6. Ashley James

    A very trusty chess app. This app is feature-filled and has mostly everything covered. The collections of puzzles are of good quality and there is a large number of them as well. You also have LAN and online playing along with a lag free experience. Would definitely recommend people to try this out.

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