Critical Ops Hack

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1. Download Game Hack
2. Run program
3. Connect your smartphone and select it in the program
4. Click 'Install now'
That's it! The hack was installed successfully!



  1. Hessam Mobasher

    This game is one of my favourite FPS games but after the last update there is tooooo many hackers and the game is kind of broking hope u guys fix it or u guys well lose toooooo many players

  2. NukzyPlayz

    Can we add the feature to try turn off crosshairs

  3. Typical Idiotz

    For an Alpha game that has amazing graphics,great balance and such a great community just blows my mind! The only issue I have is with HACKS. Yes,I admit I have used hacks before but I think you should add a file system or something to detect modified files. Such as Super Mario Run and Hill Climb Racing 2. WOULD LOVE TO SEE ANOTHER FPS GAME! – Ryan


    Over all its good. but I would like to recommend you few changes, that might help you to achieve more number of players. If you can classify teams according to colours (blue and red) that would be great because no one wants to be a terrorist. Haha even on game. Then there is no option to customise your hero that should be change. Data use is very low and no adds highly appreciated!! Go ahead

  5. Fawwad Hussain

    There are so many hackers that I cant play ranked match at all. High pings even though I am using fastest 4G internet in my country. Plus Match-Making-Ratings should be implemented in normal quick matches so we dont have to play against higher level players and the game is fair and balanced

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