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Welcome on this beautiful island. Currently it’s empty but with you in charge, it will become the best prospering city in the archipelago. Become the Governor, place plantations, construct buildings, and gather your resources. Choose your actions and earn victory points. Who gather the most will win.

Isla Rica is an unofficial implementation of Andreas Seyfarth’s board game Puerto Rico.
You can play local multiplayer game with friends or computer opponents.

– Play local multiplayer with two to five players
– Choose between computer or human opponents
– Optimized for smartphones and tablets
– Updated game balance based on author suggestions
– Unique graphics
– Smart AI opponents with individual strategies in three difficulty levels
– Autosave
– Game statistics
– Tutorial
– Rules details description
– Available languages: English, Polish

I really appreciate your feedback to improve this game. Please send it to:
[email protected]

Isla Rica

Rating: 4.4

Category: Board

Developer: SmugApps

Game Description


  1. Marc Norris

    The hit box when dragging workers to plantations is not accurate. Also, I get stuck in the captain phase where I can’t drag items to empty ships. There is no way to skip (greyed out) or end your turn after this happens and it requires game restart..

  2. Fung Tony

    Good game, but the tutorial​ need to be better.

  3. Rich Hims

    App crashes pretty regularly, and the AI is weak. Also worth noting a few rules changes (different amounts of money given to players depending on start order, choices of how to refill the colonist ship). On the plus side, the developer seems responsive, so suspect the app will improve

  4. Paul Koum

    Yesterday bought the board game and loved now I found this great job!!

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