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LEGO® City My City 2 is a free game with no in-app purchases and no in-app advertisements. Experience the different LEGO® City characters and become a LEGO® City policeman, a LEGO® City firefighter, a LEGO® City scientist or even a dragster pilot.

Complete heroic challenges to win new LEGO® vehicle components and LEGO® bricks, and watch your city grow as you level up. In this game you can:
• Keep the crooks behind the bars as a LEGO® City policeman
• Put out the fire as a LEGO® City firefighter
• Head out with the crew of LEGO® City explorers to investigate the active volcano
• Do stunts as a pilot with your favorite LEGO® City airplanes
• Race the LEGO® City dragster to victory.

LEGO® City My City 2 is a creative game where boys and girls can play with LEGO® City products in a fun and free experience. Your LEGO® City needs you!

• Create and modify your own vehicles to suit your imagination, and then put them to the test in LEGO® City!
• Build your own city by completing heroic missions.
• Play with classic LEGO® City vehicles.
• Level up to win new vehicle components and LEGO® bricks

LEGO® City My City 2 is free to play and offers no in-app purchases.

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LEGO® City My City 2 build, chase, cars and fun

Rating: 4.2

Category: Action

Developer: LEGO System A/S

Game Description


  1. Renee Covey

    The most maddening controls ever! Very clear these games should only be played on consol and not Android. Made me want to break my tablet.

  2. Adiccted To Gaming

    It’s okay. I think this version isin’t official. The sound isin’t very good. The gameplay is poor in my opinion. The ad is fake. I don’t like this game.

  3. Drake Mejia

    Its ok but lags a lot I hate this game its very lag I got the big lag and it shut my tablet down 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (*!_!*) “^:_:^” 🙂 1% I could play that game?!!! %_% %_% %_% %_% %_% !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *******_******** 6565% I sould delete this game I played for 19sec and it crashed

  4. Angelomichele Brunelli

    I love lego like my kid i loved it since i was 3 and now i am 24 Lego make a bugagti for me send it to me please love to lego inc xoxoxooxoxox 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Tim Ford

    Why the hell does this game need access to make calls? It is a game and not a phone

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