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Ludo Classic 2017 is an interesting board game that can be played with 2,3, or 4 players! The players can be blue, green, yellow, or red. Select the players, names, color and start playing! Tap the dice to throw it, and take all your figures to the finish houses first!

Ludo Classic Features:
– Free to Play
– Play 2,3, or 4 players
– Feels like 3d Ludo with 3d dice
– New modern design
– Classic Ludo board game
– User friendly interface

How to Play
1. Each player starts with 4 pieces
2. Roll the dice to move each piece around the board
3. Avoid being captured by other players. At the same time, try to capture other players and knock them back to their home position
4. Get all your 4 pieces to the goal before your opponents

Recall your childhood, and become the king of Ludo. One of the most popular board games among Indians. Play this royal game of Kings, Queens and also Princes. Ludo is also known as: Pachisi, Parchís, Sorry, Chińczyk, Fia med knuff, Covece ne ljuti se, and many others.

Ludo Classic 2017

Rating: 4.1

Category: Board

Developer: Devcash – Best Bingo Casino Slot Machines Games

Game Description


  1. shivany04

    Very poor user interface

  2. Konan Akatsuki

    I hate monkeys like you

  3. Shabana Khawar

    Its okay

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