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Red Reactor is simple 2 players game for kids base on the classic game of Slap Hands (also known as Hot Hands, Red Hands, Tap Hands, dual hands) with best scenario. It’s a game for girls and boys who’d like to play reaction games. Challenge your friends to check who’s the first one to get red hand!

How to play Red Reactor :
– Each player stands on each side of the device.
– On the game starts, one player is the attacker and the other is the defender
– The attacker tap to attack and the defender tap to retreat on right time
– The attacker tap will get 1 score and keep attacking role if the attacker hit on the hand of defender on 10 seconds. If not, the role of 2 players will be swapped together.
– The defender should tap retreat to avoid the attacking. The defender will lost a shield if he retreat without attacking. Lost all shields that a free hit will be granted.
– The first player to reach 10 scores wins the game

Have fun playing with Red Reactor !

Red Reactor – 2 Players

Rating: 4.0

Category: Board

Developer: CDI Studio

Game Description


  1. Rohan Jaiswal

    Nice Better then other red hand games on playstore.

  2. Gautam Kumar

    Very good I like it

  3. Varsha Gada

    Loved it

  4. Philip Principe

    Boring Boring it kind of like the hand slap game but lamer

  5. Gavin Holz

    It does not work for my phone

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