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Riches of Greece Slots has the BIGGEST JACKPOTS and is the HIGHEST PAYING free slots game experience in the app store! Experience the magnificent luxury and style of a Las Vegas Casino Game right in the palm of your hand!

► Journey through Olympus with Greek Gods like Athena, Hermes, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Dionysus, Medusa, Apollo Slots!
► Play the biggest payouts and jackpots with no internet and no wifi!
► All of our Olympic God themed free slot machines have tons of mega win paylines
► Unique bonus and freespin rounds in all of our free casino games!
► Our slot machines have beautifully hand painted themes (Titan Riches, Wild West, Timber Wolves,and Buffalo Slots) all in HD graphics

If you enjoy great free slots games, then you’ll have tons of fun exploring all the games Riches of Greece Slots Casino has to offer!
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Slots Gods of Greece Slots

Rating: 4.5

Category: Casino

Developer: Rocket Speed – Casino Slots Games

Game Description


  1. Marvin King

    Greedy Really expect me to pay 99 real dollars for fake coins that go away in 5 minutes. If I’m lucky it will last 5 minutes. I might actually spend REAL money if the cost per coin wasn’t such a rip off. Only way to make it to a higher VIP is to make purchase. 2 people spend 99 dollars or 5000 people spend 2 dollars for the same thing. If you weren’t so greedy you might actually make more money. Think about it.

  2. Robert Skolnock

    Very disappointing 2X you bankrupt me the first time I had enough to go into the High Roller World I did not even do one spin and I was bankrupt second time I was up to level 19 betting 5000 i had way ovrr what i needed ending to spins I was bankrupt again. I expected much better out of this Rocket Games very very disappointed I’m going to uninstall

  3. Elizabeth Bathory

    Extremely addictive. A few bugs and glitches and bonus should come every hour not every three, but best one this company makes for sure

  4. Carla Roach

    This game cheats. The bad reviews are correct. It doesn’t always give you your money The games does not always give you your pay out. It will stop and respin if you are about to get the free spin symbol. Please don’t change my review.

  5. GuessWhatIHackIoGames

    This Game man…. I had 700Mill Chips I got Up to the 13th Level and then you repay by, one day i log on and all my stuff is gone *DO NOT DOWNLOAD*

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