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The 2013 world hit game TAMAGO Monsters is back!

Only 300 Hits & Surprise Monster Reward!
Collect and grow countless Monsters!

1. ADVENTURE – forest of elves, dragonblight, zombie road
2. COLLECT – normal, rare, unique, legend monster
3. EQUIP – frozen tuna, angel sword, ak-47
4. GROW – magical food for your monsters
5. FEVER – challenge! gold rush mode

*TAMAGO Monsters Returns contains third party advertisements.
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TAMAGO Monsters Returns is free to play,
but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

TAMAGO Monsters Returns

Rating: 4.1

Category: Arcade


Game Description



    WOW… This game reminds me of Pokémon, one of my favorite games! These monsters also look AMAZING! Actually, now I am getting TOO MANY CRASHES! IT TAKES ME 1h TO GET ON THE GAME!

  2. Sarah Cashen

    It’s a good game with some nice artwork. But there are several problems that need to be addressed: 1. Sometimes instead of finding eggs you find ads. It makes it very tedious. 2. Some monsters are ridiculously hard to find. I’m level 72 and I’m having difficulty finding one of the common monsters in the first collection set. 3. The music becomes repetitive very quickly. 4. No way to start a new game. 5. Make no mistake, this game is free to play, however, it gradually becomes nearly impossible to move forward without spending money. And when you do, the items that you need to buy are crazy expensive. $2.99 for 5 elementals, which for some monsters is just a single evolution. No thanks. 6. The dialogue and quests are so lazily done. It’s basically a copy and paste job for every area.

  3. Roki Poki

    This game is not worth playing… I read reviwes and was shocked nothing was true… The monsters were suppose to be cool but they arent here because these monsters here were made by a 1-3 year old… Its a real shame that you get same monsters over 100 times and yet the ones you want to get are not existing in the game… This game is a huge disappointment for me. And beware the game is uselessly repetetive and same all the time the developer was lazy as f*** and doesnt deserve to be called a developer. And the screenshot with a burning hand is a fake as you cany get it till you are level 700 and he is only 130…

  4. Tanvi Raut

    Online? 😑 After downloading game the game said it want connection WTF it don’t deserve even one star,….. If u want to fool peoples then plz don’t try to write about the game that it’s FREE TO PLAY 😠

  5. Nadine Cassidy

    TAMAGO MONSTERS Searching and finding eggs to hatch is so much like Pokémon go I enjoyed this game plz make more TAMAGO MONSTERS thank you

  6. Angie

    I is cool but I hate when I find a add and that once I equip a weapon, I can’t figure out how to equip another one ;-;

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