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Video poker is a casino card game based on five-card draw poker. It is played on a computerized console similar in size to a slot machine. Video poker is a mix of slot and Poker Texas Holdem. The interface is made in traditional style slot machine video poker “Jacks or Better”. Video poker requires not only lucky. It requires a effective strategy and skill to achieve victory.

Features of Video Poker:
– Totally free.
– You can play anytime and anywhere!
– No need Internet connection.

With video poker, you can enhance your playing-card skills, obtain more experiences and well prepare before taking on the challenge of online video poker.
Good luck and have a good time with Video Poker!

Video Poker

Rating: 4.4

Category: Casino

Developer: Gambling Games

Game Description


  1. Bob Jones

    The worst. Whoever made this doesn’t know anything about 5 card draw. If you bet 100 and get a pair of Jacks, you get the 100 back, but you don’t win 100. In real life if you bet 100 and got Jacks, you’d get the 100 you bet PLUS the 100 you won back. Don’t waste your time on this one because IT ISN’T ANYTHING LIKE THE REAL GAME, AT ALL.

  2. M Armstrong

    The best! Never run out of $ One game free $ great simple

  3. Kelly Carlin

    Porkejunk! !###


    EXCELLENT Wooooooo looking for it after so long times…since the millenium 2000 GREAT JOB

  5. Giang Chu

    Wa hay tai ve nhe. Good

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